Odyssey VS Sunday – HD Trailer

Odyssey BMX VS Sunday Bikes HD Trailer VideoThe final videos from the Odyssey VS Sunday contest are dropping next week! If you have been following the Odyssey VS Sunday Bikes videos the past few months, you know that both teams spent the summer going to work on spots around Providence, Rhode Island and were working on their final team videos for this […]


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Q: Is this the shrn video?

Germany’s So Hot Right Now seems to have a new video even if they don’t want to claim it as such. It features Paul Zenner, Matthias Flurschütz, Fabian Lang, Stefan Lehnert, Conny Mirbach, Simon Eff, Jonas Rosenbauer, Mark Metzner, Stephan Pöhlmann, Ben Rappel, Matthias Ellinger, Niklas Schaible, Maxi Schaible, Philipp Gürtler, Sergio Grosu, Fabian Gehring, Ben Wessler, Manu Wolff, Denis Klausmann, Dennis Rehm, Roman Lisivka, Vali Erlmeier, and Marlon Lange.